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Fusion Martial Training Centers

Fusion Martial Training Centers

Broomfield, CO

Address: 6821 W. 120th Ave.
City / State: Broomfield, CO 80020
Styles Offered:
Owner: Michael Sullivan
Head Instructor: Michael Sullivan
No. of Instructors: 3
Children's Classes?: Yes
Ages Accepted: 4 and up
Class Schedule:
See Website for Schedule.
School Hours:
Please call I will always answer my phone!

Building opens at 2:00 pm closes at 9:00 pm

How Long in Business?: Since 2005
Additional Information: Areas covered by the FusBox system:
1. Fast hands Chinese / American Boxing
2. Fast grappling Chinese defensive take downs
3. Sticky hands Chinese-American kenpo way
4. Thai Boxing power kicking & defense
5. Chinese & Old Korean fast kicking methods
6. Modern sport training systems
7. Ancient combat training systems
8. Submission grappling
9. Rape defense
10. Bully prevention
11. Self development
12. Self confidence
13. Youth discipline
Michael Sullivan:
33 years experience American wrestling
22 years Asian martial arts
14 years American Boxing
9 years Muai Thai Boxing
9 years Brazilian Ju-jitsu
12 years Russian Sambo grappling
17 years Chinese American Kenpo
3 years Hungar Kung-fu
22 years Korean combat Tae-Kwon-Do (Tae-Hi)
14 years American Kick Boxing
Who trained Michael?
Kenpo – Scott Gordon
TKD – Sanwook Nam & Sancook Nam
Kick Boxing- Bob Levie
Boxing – Bob Leive
Kung –Fu - Gus Fondanola
Thai Boxing- Wane Yomera
Ju-Jitsu – Brad Gumm / Bing Tran
Combat Wrestling – John Gidick
Sambo – Arute – John Giduck
Fusboxing is a completely unique self improvement/self-defense and conditioning program. Fusion was designed with Americans in mind so for adults there is no mandatory belting system.

About FusBoxing: The definition of the word FusBoxing

• Fus = Fusion meaning the combining of multiple martial concepts.

• Boxing = Positioning within an imaginary box for optimal utilization of available weapons (hands-elbows-shins-knee-head.)

• FusBoxing = Multiple Martial Positions

Why was FusBoxing created?

Over decades of training I have not discovered a system that possessed a definition of true balance. Some systems were combative and effective, yet possessed no spirit. Other systems were spiritual yet possessed no realistic function.

In the year 1984 I began studying Tae-kwon-Do for self-defense purposes. I noticed right away the difference it made in my defense. I also noticed MAJOR holes in the way T.K.D. was designed. The one thing that limited T.K.D. turned out to be the same thing that limits most styles. It was designed to work within rules that played to its strengths allowing practitioners the luxury of ignoring its weaknesses.

Early on I wanted to experience what I perceived the martial arts to be, a complete way of life, health & fitness, defense and offence. I searched for a system that possess thought of Zen and the development of extraordinary physical capabilities. Unfortunately I did not find a system of training or thought that possessed complete balance.

Through my three-decade journey in the martial arts I have created a modern balanced system mixed with the heritage of the ancient ways.

What is a FusBoxing Workout like?

FusBoxing training consists of considerable cardio and aerobic activity. Stretching is an important part of our routine along with the development of deep and full joint movement.

The workouts are broke into 4 segments

1. Striking days (plan on sweating)
2. Ground Days (plan on sweating)
3. Throw days (plan on studying)
4. Educational days (Plan on recovering)
Will I get hit? Nobody gets hit unless they elect to spar. Sparing is not mandatory but is allowed when the student is ready.

Areas of interest that Fusion Martial Training covers:

Anti Aging
Harmonious way of Living
Healthy Diet
Chi (internal control and power)
Bone Strengthening
Explosive Full Body Movement
Deep Power Movement
Extreme Control
Extreme Power
Extreme Speed
Yoga quality Flexibility
Weight loss
Personal Improvement
Full Joint Movement
Powerful and Dynamic Kicking Skills

Youth Black Belt Clubs
Youth & Adult Demo Teams!

Contact Information:
Fusion Martial Training Centers
6821 W. 120th Ave.
Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone: 303-875-4281
(Added 6/6/2005)

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