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United States Center of Real Aikido

United States Center of Real Aikido

Chicago, IL

Address: 7153 W. Berwyn Ave
City / State: Chicago, IL 60656
Styles Offered:
Real Aikido
Owner: Ruzica Djordjevic
Head Instructor: Shihan, Vladimir Djordjevic
No. of Instructors: 3
Children's Classes?: Yes
Ages Accepted: 5+
Class Schedule:
School Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
How Long in Business?: Since 1990
Additional Information: Real aikido is first and only Serbian ultimate fighting and self-defense martial arts. Real Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defense skill, derived from traditional aikido and jujitsu. The founder of Real Aikido is Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic, holder of the black belt, 10th Dan, professor of Real Aikido and Ju-jitsu. Thanks to his long experience acquired and improved by continuous contact with first-class Japanese masters of this skill, master Vracarevic distinguished several thousand techniques, purified them, reformed their elements, introducing in his own knowledge from other fighting skills, creating a new style Real Aikido - extremely efficient and flexible system of defense techniques. Flexibility of Real Aikido is just one of its most important characteristics. Putting together different techniques according to the real situation, maximal efficiency is achieved. Transition from one to another technique is simple, and only knowledge and skill will determine which elements someone will use. These unlimited possibilities of combining, enable multiple applies of Real Aikido.

There is no age limit in practicing Real Aikido. This skill is very convenient for the adults' recreation and it also effects decidedly on children's psycho-physical development and mobility. Real Aikido is especially suitable for body guards and special military and police units training. In this field, Grand Master Vracarevic has achieved unique results ... body guards training of the President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mougabe, the President of Libya, Mr. Mohamar Gaddafy, the Russian police special units "Alpha" and "Cobra". Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic is Major-General in Russian Army and one of main defense and intelligence instructors. Shihan, Vladimir Djordjevic is tactical instructor for numerous units and agencies world wide.

Contact Information:
United States Center of Real Aikido
7153 W. Berwyn Ave
Chicago, IL 60656
Phone: 773-443-8059
(Updated 5/28/2005)

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