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Angel Redondo Taekwondo

Angel Redondo Taekwondo

Queens, NY

Address: 86-11 101st Avenue
City / State: Queens, NY, 11416
Styles Offered:
Owner: Angel Redondo
Head Instructor: Angel Redondo
No. of Instructors: 2
Children's Classes?: Yes
Ages Accepted: 4 & up
Class Schedule:
School Hours:
How Long in Business?:
Additional Information: At ART, we believe that developing and maintaining a sound mind and body is crucial to get the most out of life. Just as important is that you have fun, make new friends, and increase your basic safety. We believe in teaching without the use of fear and/or force as a tool to implement learning. Instead, you will find our instructors leading you through your martial arts training in a friendly and professional manner.

We would like to stress that you should never walk out of our facility with a question. Our Instructors will always take their time to clarify any unclear information. If an instructor cannot do so immediately , he or she will refer you to someone who can.

On top of being one of the most affordable schools in NYC for martial arts training, we are also one of the best. Our instructors will give you the personal attention that most martial arts schools can not offer, our instructors are here to keep you motivated and help you with your goals. So don't think twice come by for a free class. Hope To See You Soon! =)

Art Staff

Contact Information:
Angel Redondo Taekwondo
86-11 101st Avenue
Queens, NY, 11416
Phone: 718-529-6999
(Added 5/1/2005)

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