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V-Force Reality Based Combatives Self Defense System

V-Force Reality Based Combatives Self Defense System

Bayside, NY

Address: 223-22 Union Tpke
City / State: Bayside, NY 11004
Styles Offered:
Reality Based
Owner: Tommy DiLallo
Head Instructor: Tommy DiLallo
No. of Instructors: 2
Children's Classes?: No
Ages Accepted: 14 and up
Class Schedule:
Mon, Wed, and Fri: 8-9:30pm
Sunday: 11am
School Hours:
Mon, Wed, and Fri: 8-9:30pm
Sunday: 11am
How Long in Business?: 2 Years
Additional Information: V-Force is a Combat Self Defense System based on scientific principals such as angles, timing, speed, force and distance into its system and our ANTI-GROUNDFIGHTING system is second to none. These Two Systems alone incorporate Offensive and Defensive tactics simultaneously. We will train you in actual street fighting and combat tactics. This is done through experience, a lot of research through other effective combat systems and martial arts.

V-force incorporates into its style a HYBRID of many martial arts and self defense systems, including: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Submission, SAMBO, Hand-to-Hand Tactics, Boxing, Grappling and Combat Street Tactics, Escrima Weapons Training, Various Combat Style Martial Arts Movements and Sequences. This system is a reality based system and the training reflects that with scenario and real combat simulation training.

V-Force is geared toward development, training and research in the best of combat techniques, tactics and strategies and making them available to law enforcement, military, martial artists and the "average citizen" which will help them in any extreme circumstances. We are available for seminars all across the United States.

In V-Force it is about survival whenever you are out on the streets. It is all about YOU. All the research, experience, time and qualifications are at your disposal when V-Force trains you. V-force can be utilized EXTREMELY effective in a short training class. There are no complicated moves, throws or kicks. The difference than other courses is that V-Force works for everybody and in ANY situation.

Contact Information:
V-Force Reality Based Combatives Self Defense System
223-22 Union Tpke
Bayside, NY 11004
Phone: 516-445-7420

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