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Instructor Spotlight

Sifu Richard Mieir-King

Richard Mieir-King

SCHOOL NAME: King's Kung-Fu and T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association

LOCATION: 4333 Ostrom Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90713

5 Animal 5 Family Southern Sil Lum Kung Fu
Yang T'ai Chi Chuan

BACKGROUND/RANK: Black Sash Instructor/Sifu in Sil Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan



Sifu Richard Mieir-King teaches 2 classes a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Mixed in with this schedule he also runs his own business with computers and remanufacturing supplies for end users of computer and office equipment, runs a martial arts supply website ( and takes care of his 4 year old son.

Sifu Mieir-King has also been inducted into several halls of fame, action magazines who's who in the martial arts, has received certificates of recognition and commendation from the State Assembly of California as well as Congress.

He has also been acknowledged as a Master level Sifu by the Soo Shim Hosinsul Federation (Sifu Steve Herring), by the WSCSO and WNBF (Soke Frank Schneider), and others.

Sifu Mieir-King's student base spans from private to group classes and civilian to military students.

Sifu Mieir-King believes that Kung-Fu is not just an excellent means to learn to defend oneself, but also that it can make a tremendous difference in one's life both physically and mentally.

"It is not just a 'martial' art, it is a 'life' art that you can learn many lessons from it and apply those lessons to a vast number of areas of your life"
stated Sifu Mieir-King.

Sifu Mieir-King also said:

"My students are not just 'students', they are people I form a relationship with and get to know. I affect their lives and they affect mine. Because of this I don't have a student that I would not have in my home.

All of my students are very good people and I am proud of each of them. They each have something special and unique about them.

My goal and objective is to help my students be the best they can and to realize that they will never be finished improving themselves.

After 30 plus years I still feel like a student and I am always working on new areas to improve. Titles like 'Sifu', 'Master' etc., aside, we are all just students at different places and levels".

Sifu Mieir-King has also started an extensive video training program for those who do not have access to Kung-Fu instruction locally. Currently other Sifu's and members of the military have been successfully taking part in this video program with outstanding results.

Sifu Richard Mieir-King began study with Professor Gilbert Bates in July of 1971. Professor Gilbert Bates is a certified master instructor under Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong and Professor Gilbert Bates also studied from Dr. Fenia Woo and Mai Lu Chaing.

Sifu Mieir-King also runs the Universal Fighting Arts, an organization established to bring together martial artists (of all ranks, levels and styles) in the spirit of friendship.

He also conducts a yearly expo for the same express purpose called the Annual Martial Arts Friendship Gathering and Expo (

For more information on Sifu Richard Mieir-King and King's Kung-Fu and T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association visit (or

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