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Jermaine Andre with belts

Jermaine Andre



         "Bamm Bamm"... "The Product"... whatever nickname you want to call him, Jermaine Andre is a force to be reckoned. He is a 4-Time Titleholder and current WFA (World Fighting Alliance) champion. His fights are explosive!

        This St. Louis native is a charismatic figure in a somtimes bland sea of Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

        In this first part of a 2-part interview, Mr. Andre speaks about his training in MMA, Muay Thai, and San Shou, his toughest opponents, his experiences in the WFA and the UFC, and his views on the future of Mixed Martial Arts.

        Please visit Jermaine Andre's website for "Free" Cut Sheets, information, statistics, videos, discussion forum and much, much more about "The Product"!!!

[Martial Direct] You've got a fight coming up this Saturday against Steve Vigneault. What do you know about him?

[Jermaine Andre] Well, for one, he's their champ. Two titles, two weight classes. He's a banger. I know he likes to punch.

[MD] Right up your alley, huh?

[JA] Oh, definitely!

[MD] Can you tell us a little about your training right now? It's getting close to the fight. What do you do on the last leg of your training before a fight?

[JA] Well, it kind of starts tapering off now. I'm grappling. You know, running. I usually run in the morning. Grappling and doing Muay Thai at night. No weight lifting. The weight lifting I cut out two weeks before the fight.
[MD] What would be a normal training schedule for you?

[JA] Usually get up and run in the morning. And then I'll usually do Muay Thai and grappling in the evening… early evening. And then weight lifting right after I'm done grappling and Muay Thai.

[MD] What all sports do you compete in? I know you have competed in Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai kickboxing, but don't you also compete in Shootboxing?

[JA] Yep, I used to do Shootboxing and Thai boxing. Like my core (art), that I came from. Now just straight NHB. (No-Holds-Barred or Mixed Martial Arts)

[MD] Oh really?

[JA] Yea, I hold the Shootboxing title and a San Shou kickboxing title. ISKA Light Cruiserweight San Shou kickboxing title.

[MD] Do you compete in any straight Submission matches?

[JA] No. No straight Submission. Don't like wrestling around with men.

[MD] Ha, Ha! Always add in the strikes right? Gotta beat on 'em?

[JA] Gotta be bangin'! Gotta be macho.

[MD] Of all the sports you've competed in, which do you prefer?


[MD] Why?

[JA] It's closest to a real fight. The less rules, the happier I am.

[MD] Who's been you're toughest opponent so far in Mixed Martial Arts?

[JA] In MMA?

[MD] Yes.

[JA] Hmmm. That's kind of hard to say. Everybody's tough in their own way. Usually in MMA, most of my wins, I've taken all the guys out so quick, that it's been hard to (say)…. you know?

[MD] How about your Muay Thai fights? Anyone who you consider to be the toughest in those?

[JA] I'd say Bill Rosterfer. Which was a guy I fought in a Shootboxing match. Shootboxing is basic Muay Thai except you can throw and slam the person, too.

When we fought, he was tough. I beat him, but… man, I mean he was tough. I just beat on him and beat on him and he wouldn't go down for anything!

[MD] You said you're just doing strictly NHB now, right?

[JA] Uh huh.

[MD] When you were competing in kickboxing, how did your training differ?

[JA] No grappling. A lot more sparring. You know, stand-up sparring. The grappling was totally cut out when I was training for kickboxing… Thai boxing. Shootboxing I worked a lot of throws. For Shootboxing and San Shou.

[MD] Now, you fought in the UFC 24 against Lance Gibson?

[JA] Right.

[MD] You only had a week's notice?

[JA] Right.

[MD] How was your experience in the Octagon?

[JA] It was cool. It was actually weird, because, well… I had just come off the fight with Maurice Travis. He's a champion Thai boxer out of California. We had banged up pretty hard down there, you know? What happened in this fight, I was so used to going No-Holds-Barred that I picked him up and slammed him and broke his collarbone. I got disqualified.

I was just in that fight mode and I was so used to San Shou or No-Holds-Barred.

When I went to the Octagon, that's the calmest I've ever been in a fight. I don't know why or how, but I was not nervous at all. The only problem was I was not motivated to fight. I didn't want to fight. But I just came off a tough fight and it was one week's notice, you know? Hey! One week's notice and you're on Broadway! You know? It's kind of like that.

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