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Jermaine Andre

Interview (Part II)

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[Jermaine Andre (cont.)] We had guys who came in there who practiced martial arts on the streets, but they had never been in a real knife fight. They run into a guy who never did martial arts in his life, but he'd had 3 or 4 real knife fights in prison. And, what would happen, is the guy who had never been in it... I mean, who had all this martial arts experience, with all this knife fighting with rubber knives, would get the crap kicked out of him. Quick and easy. Because it's mostly mental. Most of it dealing with knife fighting is,

"Are you willing to be cut?"

Because you want to get cut to cut somebody. So our tactics work full-on, because like, from being in prison, I'd be in real knife fighting and I taught my guys, if that were me, that make sure when you get cut, you don't get cut in the wrong area. Get cut in the right area and cut him in the right area. So that's the kind of approach that Ron and I take. Basically saying that you're going to get cut in a sword fight.

So all these wild moves, all these wide-open moves...

Because even in a traditional bushido cut, you raise it way above your head and coming down with a cut. You know, nobody would cut like that if they know what a fake is. They're probably going to get their guts cut. Because you're going to try to keep as small and tight as possible.
We work from that angle. We try to keep everything as real as possible. Sometimes even start developing our own moves. We try not to use too many moves.

Which is something that's happened to the martial arts. Martial arts used to only consist of so many moves. But everybody gets bored, so they start thinking up crap.

"Here, do this!"

"Here, look at this. Doesn't this look cool?"

"Ah! That looks cool! I want to do that!"

"OK. Here, give me your money and go do that in the corner somewhere!"


So we try to keep it to the basic, simple stuff that's real.

That's what I like about NHB, because that's the real martial arts at work. Nobody can say that we're not martial artists, because in there, you can't try something stupid. You know that everything you try, you're going to have to pay for. And that's what the martial arts is about... fighting. The war of arts. That's what the martial arts means... fighting.

[Martial Direct] I'd heard that you had been in prison, but wasn't for sure. Didn't know if I should ask you or not. I'm glad you brought it up!

[JA] You can ask me anything you want to.

[MD] OK. How long were you in prison?

[JA] 6 years.

[MD] 6 years?

[JA] Yea.

[MD] What for?

[JA] Armed robbery.

[MD] How old were you?

[JA] I was like.. 18. I was a little young buck. I spent a year in solitary confinement.

[MD] Whoa! Now you're focused, right?

[JA] Ha! Ha!

[MD] You've already, kind of, answered this already, but what do you consider to be your main arts?

[JA] As of right now, my main arts are Muay Thai, Sambo, and Wrestling. Those would be considered my main arts right now.

[MD] What do you think about all these people who say things like,

"Well, if somebody were to do that to me, I'd just _______."

And fill in the blank with whatever they'd say. I'm sure you've heard these kind of comments.

[JA] Well, it's always easier to say what you'd do. But you've got to be willing and ready to show it. I mean, who do you want to learn from, you know, a guy who wrote a whole bunch of books about Vietnam or a guy who was actually in Vietnam? This guy who survived 5 times fighting in there, and you've got this guy who wrote a whole bunch of books and read a whole bunch of books.

I mean, there are guys who can out-talk me in the martial arts all day long. They could probably even out-talk me about Muay Thai. You know, because they read all these books.

Look. The main thing that matters in the martial arts is one thing, and that's application. Can you apply it? And if you can't apply it, haven't applied it, you can't even really say that it works for you. Most of the stuff that I do, even with my Winning Self-Defense, is stuff I can use. I've used when I bodyguarded people, I used in streetfights, I've used in the ring, or someone I know close to me used and it works.

[MD] What's the Striker's Union?

[JA] It's like a union with a fight squad that I had and what we do, we fought No-Holds-Barred and we called it Striker's Union because we were a union of strikers. You know, the whole idea was to go in there and just strike and bang people up and keep away from the grappling as much as possible.

Right now, I've got one fighter who's coming up. Most people want the respect of a fighter, but they don't want to put the work in. You know, everybody wants to be Bruce Lee, but not what Bruce Lee had to do to become Bruce Lee. They just want the name. So most of them get run off.

[MD] What's your fighting weight? I've read anywhere from 175 lbs. up to 204 lbs.

[JA] Ha! Ha!

I've cut 175 once. I don't think I'll ever do that again! That was horrible.

I can go up to 200. I usually like to fight at about 180 to 190. 183 to 187 is where I like to be at.

[MD] Where are you from?

[JA] St. Louis.

[MD] You are from St. Louis?

[JA] Yep.

[MD] Because I saw on the WFA website that your style is Wrestling and you're from Las Vegas, NV.

[JA] They screwed up everything on there. I told them to change it. I don't know if they've got to it yet.

[MD] It was that way when I checked a couple of days ago.

[JA] It's still the same way?

[MD] Yep.

[JA] Yea, that's Marvin Eastman's stats.

I told them,

"Hey man! We all be black, but we don't look that much alike! I've got dreads! Get it straight!"

Ha! Ha! Ha!

[MD] Now on, they say you're associated with Miletich Martial Arts.

[JA] My fight manager is Monty Cox.

Actually, I was supposed to start training with them a long time ago.

[MD] It says on your website that you've written 5 horror books?

[JA] Uh, huh.

[MD] That you're waiting to get published?

[JA] Right.

[MD] You've got quite varied interests. You also have a varied interest in music as well.

[JA] I love it. I love playing the drums. You get me a set of drums and...

[MD] There seems like there are a lot of martial artists who are musicians.

[JA] Well, it's the artists. A lot of people don't even realize that martial arts is about ... It's like the martial arts is not about copying somebody else and trying to be like somebody else. Of course, you learn the style that you're learning, but you need to change that style to adapt to fit you.

It's even like, the Muay Thai that Ron's taught me. You could watch he and I shadowbox, standing next to each other, and we look like the exact same. You can tell that I learned from him. I compliment him perfect, but I still have to fight different.

I think Ron's 5'11" - 6' tall and I'm 5'7". So I can't jab like he can. I have to move inside. We adapt what I learned. I had to adapt it to fit me.

Real martial artists, they are artists.

I like anything that has to do with art. Anything that's beautiful.

[MD] Well, Jermaine. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

[JA] No problem. I enjoyed it.

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