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    Keith Pascal

Keith Pascal


        Keith Pascal is what I would call a 'netrapeneur'. And a successful one at that! With 3 books to his name, 12 eBooklets, an e-zine of over 2,000 subscribers- not to mention all the articles he's written- he's prolific to say the least.

        Author, teacher, student... Keith Pascal shares with us his thoughts and feelings of being both an author and a teacher, as well as sharing his future plans. He also talks about his teacher of the past 22+ years, Steve Golden (who was a student of both Bruce Lee and Ed Parker). And of course, our discussion centers around his publications.

        You can join Mr. Pascal's e-zine for free by simply following this link:

Martial Arts Mastery: A Tell-All of Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

...and then follow the instructions on the website.

[Martial Direct] Tell us a little about your martial arts background.

[Keith Pascal] It seems I have always been into the martial arts. I started judo when I was six years old. Moved on to Tae Kwon Do, when I was 14. After over a year of it, I switched to Shotokan karate.

Then I met one of the Bruce Lee students- one of the originals.

I became a full-time student of his for eight years. Then he moved north, and I moved south. I still check in with him for a lesson or two several times a year. I also attend as many of his seminars as possible- even though I help out more than train at those.

So, in all- I have been with Steve Golden for 22+ years.

And even though I don't see him every week anymore, we still talk on the phone all of the time and we do make it a point to keep in contact.

[MD] Steve Golden has been your instructor for the last 22 years? Wow! How old were you when you started training with him?

[KP] I had a brief start with him when I was 16. Then became one of his eight full-time students when I was 20. I am 42 now- he still corrects me and offers valuable advice.

[MD] Loyalty like that is rare these days in the martial arts.

[KP] Steve doesn't accept new students. All of us have been with him for a long time. It seems we have all gone different directions at one time or another- but we keep coming back to Steve Golden.

I wanted to write an entire book on building loyalty in your students- instead, I put some advice on the subject in my Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively book.

I have a good model of a great teacher.

[MD] Now Steve Golden was a student of both Ed Parker (Kenpo) and Bruce Lee (JKD). Both of them were known as innovators in the martial arts. What major influences do you see in your training from both of these men?

[KP] Steve Golden calls his style of martial arts The Twin Dragons Method. Want to guess who the two dragons represented were?

I am probably not the one to ask this question of- I had been doing 'Steve's Stuff' for a few years before someone showed me all of the kenpo influence. I thought we were doing a wing chun-based system, incorporating the philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Sometimes putting names to all of this gets pretty confusing. I think I'll take Steve's advice and just call his style "The Good Stuff."

[MD] You mention your wife in several of your articles. Does she train with you?

[KP] It's weird. I used to teach her formally in class. Then we got married- now, we rarely work out together. We want to, it's just our schedules conflict.

We have sworn that this summer we'll make an effort to pound on each other regularly. (laughing)

Having her as my student has posed another problem- she has been doing this 'stuff' since 1989. She teaches martial arts classes at two different schools. Yet, she doesn't have her black belt (at least not formally). I won't promote her, because she's my wife. That would be nepotism.

How would it look to promote a Pascal in Pascal's Fighting Arts, by another Pascal? I think it would cheapen the certification. Steve Golden says I am a wimp- I should just promote her. I disagree ... so she stays unpromoted. And she doesn't care.

True to the philosophy of Bruce Lee, she is in it for the knowledge and skill, not the rank.

[MD] People get into the martial arts for many different reasons- such as self-defense, physical fitness, sport, discipline, etc. Usually it's a combination of these aspects, but most have a major focus. To you, what is the most important focus/reason for your martial arts training?

[KP] I favor the underdog. As a kid, I hated to see my friends picked on by bullies. I also hated to see 'me' get picked on by meanies.

There was a time when I was afraid to protect myself or my friends. After about a year with Steve, that was no longer an issue.

My goals shifted. I focused on teaching others to have this same confidence in their self defense abilities. I think you could find out more of my martial arts motivation just by looking at the titles of my books.

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