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Martial Arts Games and Activities for Children

© 2003, Nintai, Inc.

Martial Arts Games and
Activities for Children

by Renshi Mark Vellucci
6th Degree Black Belt

Review by Kip Brockett

    When Mr. Vellucci first approached me about reviewing his book, I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. "Children's Martial Arts Games" sounded to me like something that would take away from the basic technique training that is so important in learning the martial arts.

    I could see why he wanted Martial Direct involved, because his book is geared towards martial arts school owners and instructors. So when the book arrived in the mail, I eagerly poured through it with an eye of skepticism.

    I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The games and activities that he presents are refreshingly creative. Not only that, but they can also be expanded on with a little imagination, to add your own version of some of these games.

    There are 7 categories of games presented:

  • Kick / Punch Games
  • Balance Beam Activities
  • Blocker Games
  • Mat Activities
  • Sparring Games
  • Relay Races
  • Miscellaneous Activities

    Now, these games are not meant to replace your regular class material. Only to help break up the monotony of the repetitious training that's necessary to build competency in the martial arts.

As Mr. Vellucci states in his "Introduction":

"Countless repetitions of basic techniques are vital to building competent skills, however, they often become tiresome and boring to children. This can lead to low student retention rates..."

"(The) Games focus on coordination, balance, and awareness. They also cover the basic martial skills of kicking, punching, striking, blocking, break-falling, and maintaining proper stance."

    The equipment needed to perform these games can already be found in most martial arts studios. Gear such as:
  • Square Hand Targets
  • Padded Blocking Sticks
  • Kicking Shields
  • Sparring Gear
  • Karate Belts
  • Double-sided Striking Target
  • Judo / Wrestling Mat
    Some of the games use equipment that may not be readily available, but is inexpensive and easily made. Such things as a Balance Beam, a "Snake", and Paper Throwing Stars ( detailed instructions are included for all of these devices ).

    My suggestion is to use these games and activities as a supplement to your regular class material. You'll never be out of ideas to keep your classes exciting and fun for your kids with this manual!

    Watch out though! Once the adults see these games, they just may insist on adding some of them to their classes as well.  :-)

    If you teach children, this book is a Must Have!

March 2003

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Martial Direct
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