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Strength Speed and Endurance

  ISBN: 0-920905-16-1 /
© 2000, 1990 Sport Books Publisher

Strength Speed and Endurance for Athletes

"100 Combative Activities for Partners"

by Jürgen Hartmann, PhD

Review by Kip Brockett

    The exercises in this book are broken down into 6 different categories.

  • Reaction
  • Balance
  • Orientation and Adaptation
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance

    Along with the exercises are general instructions and sample programs that can be used to develop a specific area.

    In reading through this book, I was already familiar with many of the exercises such as Slapping Hands (for reaction) and Tug of War (for endurance). But, as stated in the subtitle, there are 100 of these combative exercises, so I'm quite sure there will be many that you have not seen.

    It doesn't matter what style or specialty of martial arts that you train because this book contains drills that can be used by all. Whether you follow the programs as outlined or simply pick a few of the drills to use in your training or classes, this book will definitely benefit you.

    I would suggest assessing the areas of your training that you would most like to improve, then work in some of the exercises as a supplement to your regular training.

    I highly recommend this book to all who are serious about their training. The exercises are short and descriptive enough to be easily picked up, highly imaginative, and very challenging. It is a great reference book that I'm sure you will come back to again and again.

October 2002

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Strength, Speed, and Endurance for Athletes
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